There are many opportunities for local businesses to get involved with the Tadmor Shrine Circus. Here are a few examples of how you can support this great opportunity for families in the Akron-Canton area through sponsorships or advertising.

Special needs and underprivileged children

Each year our Shrine Nobles, various individuals and corporations make it possible for underprivileged children and persons of special needs to attend the circus free of charge. This opportunity is offered to over two thousand children and adults each year in the Canton/Akron area and the need is growing. You can help by donating $7 for each person you wish to sponsor. Please note that all Shriners are unpaid volunteers and receive no compensation, so 100 percent of your sponsorships go directly to the kids. These sponsorships can be sent to: Tadmor Shrine Circus, 3000 Krebs Drive, Akron, OH 44319. 

Circus program ads

Program ads range from $50 to $475, printed digitally in either black and white or color with four sizes available to choose from. Our programs are handed out to each family by a Shrine member upon entering the arena at no cost or solicitation. Each year, more than 2,500 of these programs go home with families.  

Circus banner

A very popular item is the 3-foot by-5-foot vinyl banner that is displayed at The Canton Civic Center for all seven shows (three days) and will be viewed by well over 10,000 attendees. Banners are produced to your specifications and include $375 in general admission tickets. The total cost is only $600. 

Other opportunities

If you have any questions or would like to discuss other advertising opportunities, please contact us at or call our circus director at 330-571-2669. If you'd like to download this page, click here.